STSADM Access Denied Server 2003

Recently was tasked with updating passwords on an older SharePoint 2007 farm.  The fun part, Windows Server 2003 was the host OS.   I hit a wall right out of the gate when I tried to run my STSADM command.

STSADM.EXE -o updatefarmcredentials -identitytype configurableid -userlogin “domain\SP_Admin” -password Cool@Password

Error: Access Denied

What the $#%##, I know I have full access to the farm and databases.

In Windows Server 2003, to launch the command prompt, right-click and select Run As.  THEN, un-check Run this program with restricted access.  Now run the STSADM command again.


InfoPath Operation could not be completed

When trying to move an InfoPath from Prod to Test, I ran into a small problem.

Once I got to the point of needing to update my data connections, I received this error:

Operation could not be completed

The amount of detail is overwhelming!

The url for my test site was http://sharepoint:1200/sites/blah

After creating a new web app and having the network guys create a new DNS entry, the error went away.

The new url is

Updated my data connections, no more error!


No XsltListViewWebPart was found on this page

Received this error when trying to open a page/List from our disaster recover location.

No XsltListViewWebPart was found on this page

Turned out that I didn’t have the 3rd party solution installed.  Make sure you check that your features and solutions are all installed.


Had this happen again and ended up finding my own post on Google.

The page / view would not load because of the following reasons:

  • Feature on the site was disabled.
  • The view had a custom web part and some java that referenced the feature.


Open the site in SharePoint Designer, navigate to the broken list / library, then edit the view.  *make sure to edit the view in Advanced Mode (look in the ribbon).*

Once you have the view open, look for any web parts or custom code that looks out of place.  In my case, there was an outdated reference in the first line of the code, then a content editor web part that had some inline code.

Once I removed the extra junk, saved my changes, went back to IE and refreshed the page, all was well!

*Update 2*

Received this error when I tried to edit a lookup column.  The column was custom or created by a 3rd party.

To fix the issue, I created a new column, then used PowerShell to copy the contents from BrokenColumn to NewColumn

And then!

Because BrokenColumn was broken, I had to use PowerShell to delete it.

The code below will copy the contents of lookup column to another lookup column.

$cSite = Get-SPweb ""
$cList=$cSite.Lists["Taco List"]

foreach($f in $cList.items)
 $uFrom = $f["BrokenColumn"]

 if($uFrom -ne $null)
$f["NewColumn"] = $f["BrokenColumn"]

This will delete the broken column.

$cSite = Get-SPweb ""
$cList=$cSite.Lists["Taco List"]

foreach($f in $cList.fields)
 $fff = $f.Title
 if($fff -eq "BrokenColumn")

Unable to load workflow actions from the server

Roll into work and a coworker alerts me to the fact that our SharePoint 2010 workflows are not flowing.  When I tried to open any workflow, I was receiving this error:
Unable to load workflow actions from the server….

unable to load workflow actions from the server

I cracked open Fiddler, opened SharePoint Designer, then tried to open a workflow.

On the left side of Fiddler, you will see a bunch of actions, look for one line that turns red and click on it.  In the right window, you should see the error.

soap:ServerException of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.Failed to find the XML file at location ‘14\Template\Features\MissingFeature\feature.xml‘0x80131600……..

So I opened one of my WFE servers and navigated to the folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MissingFeature

Sure enough, the feature folder in question was missing. To get the missing feature folder, I opened my app server and copied over the missing folder to my WFE servers. No iisreset needed.

failed to create the configuration database

Trying to install SharePoint 2010 on Window 7 and ran into this error.
First, I was using this script to install SharePoint 2010 on my Win7 box.

(make sure you take a look at the Discussions tab.  Ran into a few issues but quickly found solutions on there.

After this, I then hit the failed to create the configuration database error when trying to run the wizard.

Onto another site….

This site outlined all the prerequisiutes needed for a SharePoint 2010 install.

Not 100% sure what I missed, but I download / installed each of these again.


CopyTo in Visual Studio

I’m a little rusty on writing code and this is something that I spent way too much time messing with.

Dim destURL As String = “http://sitename/OtherLibrary/”
workflowProperties.Item.CopyTo(destURL & workflowProperties.Item.Name)

It’s not as simple as saying copy from/to. The CopyTo wants a URL, file name, and file extension.

If you receive this error:

Cannot create an item at the requested destination.  Verify that the folder exists and that you have permission to edit in it.

Start by checking your syntax.