Copy DLL from GAC

If you are looking for a way to copy a file / DLL from the GAC, here is your answer:

Click Start then click RUN.
Type “C:\windows\assembly\gac” and then press enter key.
GAC folder will be opened.
Go one step up by clicking the “UP” icon in the standard button toolbar.
Then search for your required dll file.
If you find the required dll then just copy it.

Server SSL Certificate is issued by

Server SSL certificate is issued by a certificate authority that is unfamiliar.

When trying to download from Technet or MSDN I would receive the error above.  After messing around with IE for way too long, I found the issue.

For one reason or another Akamai is/was blocked at my office.  Microsoft File Transfer Manager appears to connect to other sites to host the files in the Technet or MSDN accounts.


Added the root site that Microsoft File Transfer Manger was trying to connect to in the Safe Sites list in IE.

Added https://*
to the safe sites list in IE.

security shield has been installed successfully

Not sure what trigged this but es no bueno.

Sites I had open when this popped up:,,, and a google search.

I didn’t click Ok, but instead I opened Task Manager and found some random process with a description of wblpkjdfw located here:


To be safe I’m running a full scan using Malwarebytes.