How to Find Your Microsoft Forms Data: Locating the Linked Excel File

This started as a simple question: where is the backend Excel file for my group Forms form stored?

By default, a group form will save responses to an Excel file in the SharePoint site associated with the group. Within that site, the file is stored in the Documents, aka Shared Documents library.

Here is a quick way to track down the file:

With the form open, click on Response.

Click on Open in Excel.

Depending on how your SharePoint library is configured, the file will either download to your computer or open in the browser. Open the file and click on the name or click the down arrow next to it.

When the window opens, it will show exactly where the file is stored.

In this example, the file is stored in the Shared Documents library on the Testing site. Again, this example shows Shared Documents, but on the site, it’s actually named Documents.

STOP, I don’t see the window noted in the above screenshot! This more than likely means you are working with a personal form.

Where is the Excel file stored for personal forms? Not where you’d guess and not anywhere worthwhile. The file is more or less saved with the form and is inaccessible other than downloading it.

What if I copy my personal form to a group? What will happen to the Excel file?
Don’t do this; just recreate the form from scratch. The copied form will retain the behavior of storing the file with the form, not in SharePoint.

How can I save form responses to a SharePoint list or Dataverse table? You would need to create a Flow to intercept the form response and then save it to the destination.

Will creating a Flow that saves form responses to another destination impact the form saving to Excel? No, the form will always use the backend Excel file as its data storage.

If I download a copy of the backend Excel file, will the downloaded copy be updated with new form submissions? No, the copy is disconnected from the source.