my sharepoint is slow

Recently received an email from a user that basically said “my SharePoint is slow.”

The user sent me a link to the Form Library they were working with.  I clicked on link and it took roughly two minutes for the page to open.  Long story short, the user had changed to View to display 2,000 items at a time.

I updated the View to return 50 items, and now “my SharePoint is fast.”


3 thoughts on “my sharepoint is slow

  1. New to sharepoint. I turned it on at my home server (server 2003, SharePoint 2007) and also very slow when accessing it remotely. How do I change the View parameter as you suggested? Thanks.

  2. List and Libraries display data in Views. Think of a View like a query of your underlying data.

    Highly doubt this is your issue. Do your SharePoint sites load fine, when you are browsing from your house / not remote..?

  3. Response is good at home. Accessing it remotely is the problem. I realize my ADSL connection is not very good (I just measured about 1031 Kbps outgoing from home). But, a latency of about 30-40 seconds just to navigate the site makes it painful. I also have an FTP server on that same box and I get good response when retrieving files remotely.

    The number of concurrent users is small, two or three at home, and about the same remotely. Seems the number of users has little effect, I’m getting about the same timings even with a single user logged in remotely.


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