User Cannot Access a Site


User works in the office for a few weeks, then leaves.

Same user returns a year later.

The user account was never removed from SharePoint, but the user was unable to access sites, where permissions were directly granted.  Sites were Domain Users was implemented, the user could access sites.

On sites where the user was granted direct permissions, they would get the Error: Access Denied message box.


Remove the user account and re-add it.



1 thought on “User Cannot Access a Site

  1. hello ian,

    i had a similar issue probably because i migrated the spsite from wss 3.0 to sp2010 and the way i resolved it was first to migrate the usernames from wss 3.0 format(aspnetsqlmembershipprovider:$username) to the sp2010 format(i:0#.f|$newprovidername|$username) , then created a user group in sp2010, add those users to it and ran an incremental crawl and that did it too.

    quick question though…would you happen to have a ps1 script to add multiple claims authenticated users to a group in a site collection? they could either be called from an existing sharpoint group or just plain adding 5 users at a time?

    thank you.

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