Copy Files From Azure File Storage to SharePoint

As of today, there is not a Logic App trigger for Azure File Storage, so I went with a schedule-based approach. Yes, this example leaves out a lot of fine-tuning, but it will get you headed in the right direction.

Create a blank Logic app
Trigger: Schedule
Action: Azure File Storage – List files
Action: SharePoint – Create file

After you add the SharePoint action, the Logic App should automatically add a For Each action and place the SharePoint Create File action inside of it.

Overview of the Logic App
For each action expanded
Testing the Logic App

In the last screenshot, I tested the Logic App by uploading a couple of documents in Azure Storage Explorer, then I manually ran the Logic App (click the Run button).

Again, this is a simple example. The example does not account for processing the same files over and over…

3 thoughts on “Copy Files From Azure File Storage to SharePoint

  1. Thanks. This did point me in the right direction.

    Would be nice if you mentioned you should use the ID of the files in the steps to get the metadata and the content.

  2. This was meant to be a simple example. I will create a more detailed example next month. Thank you!

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