SharePoint listdata.svc Returns Error – FIXED

With SharePoint 2016 and 2013:
If you try to access listdata.svc you receive an error This page can’t be displayed or Sorry, something went wrong.
SharePoint Designer, you try to open Lists and Libraries and receive a message of There are no items to show in this view.

The root problem is that the Farm is missing a feature. In SPD, if you click on All Files, Lists, then click on each list and click the Preview in Browser button (ribbon). You will sooner or later find the problem list. From there, you can remove the list or find the problem feature and unhook it.

Basic script to find the problem list in SharePoint 2013 and 2016:

function Get-WebPage([string]$url)
	$pageContents = ""

		$wc = new-object net.webclient;
		$wc.credentials = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultCredentials;
		$pageContents = $wc.DownloadString($url);
    return $pageContents;

$webX = Get-SPWeb "https://yourSpWebUrl"

foreach($list in $webX.Lists)
	$listUrl = $list.ParentWeb.Url + "/" + $list.RootFolder.Url

	$xo = Get-WebPage -url $listUrl 

	if($xo -like "*Sorry, something went wrong*")
		Write-Host $listUrl

The Web server at does not appear to have Microsoft SharePoint Foundation installed

When you try to open a SharePoint site from SharePoint Designer and you receive this error:
The Web server at does not appear to have Microsoft SharePoint Foundation installed


Microsoft suggests doing the follow (did not work in my case)

To resolve this problem, enable the client integration. To do this, follow these steps:
Start SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, and then click Security.
Click Specify authentication providers.
If the Web application in the Web Application list is not the same application that you want to open in SharePoint Designer 2010, click Web Application on the Change Web Application list.
On the Select Web Application page, click the name of the Web application that you want to open.
Under Zone, Click Default to open the Edit Authentication page.
Under Enable Client Integration, click Yes, and then click Save.

In my case, it turned out that my web.config file was out of wack.
Only one of my web apps would fail to load in SharePoint Designer, all the other Web Apps / sites would load.
Opened a working and the non-working sites web.configs in NotePad++ and did a file compare.
Located the difference in the file and removed it.
For good housekeeping, i then fired off an IISreset.
*things to note, make sure you have a backup copy of your web.config file and this work was done in my Develop environment.)

SharePoint Designer Blank Lines

How do you remove blank lines in SharePoint Designer?

1. Select / highlight 4 blank rows (select more or less depending on how many you want to delete).
2. Ctrl+H (Edit –> Replace)
3. Replace All

You might have to perform this more than once to truncate all the blank rows.

My .aspx grew from ~1,000 rows to over 300,000 rows.  Why?  I’ll assume it had something to do with the Data View web part.

Code blocks are not allowed in this file

I was trying to enable code in an aspx page in SharePoint Designer, with no luck!

(warning, search google for reason not to do this.)

Appears my problem was related to not including the SubFolders option in the web.config file update.

<form id="form1"> Current server time is <% =GetTime()%>. </form>

This is the contents of my aspx page in SharePoint Designer (2010).

What web.config file did I update?


Do I need to run an IISreset?

Nope, I’ve tested this and there is no need for an IISreset.

Unable to open workflow in Designer 2007

Recently tried a STSADM export / import to move a site to a new collection.  After the STSADM import I tried to open a workflow using SharePoint Designer and received the following error.

The server could not complete your request. Contact your internet service provider or Web server administrator to make sure that the server has the Frontpage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services installed.

The fix was to recycle or restart the SharePoint server.