Modify Search Topology Stuck on Processing

More than once I’ve had this happen. For one reason or another, a change to the SharePoint Search Topology needed to be made.

Go in, add a new crawler or partition index, click save, and the page gets stuck on

Please wait while your changes are processed for SharePoint Server Search.


Okay, one thing I’ve found to help avoid this issue. Make sure the SharePoint Admin service is running on each box in the farm BEFORE making any updates to the search topo.


Navigate to timer job definitions.

Change the View to Service
then change
Service: SharePoint Server Search

Run the Configuring the existing search service application SharePoint Server Search job.

Go back and check the modify topology page.

Remember, make sure the Admin Service is running!

In the comments, user SM pointed out that the Configuring the existing search…. job may not appear unless it needs to be executed.

Search Topology Not Responding

If one of the servers in your Search Application Topology is showing a Status of Not Responding, try and restart service app for the server in question.

One of my Crawl Components was not responding, but the server was online and working.  The script below helped to re-sync the server.

-identity “Search Service Application

Replace Search Service Application with the name of your Search App.

$SearchApp = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -identity "Search Service Application"

$SearchApp | Get-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryTopology | Get-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryComponent | Where-Object {$_.ServerName -eq 'Server Name That is Stuck'}  | Restart-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryComponent