Remove Upload Button and Drag files here to upload text

There might be a better way to get this done, but for now, this works for me. Keep in mind, this update works on a per view basis. If I find a way to correctly update the masterpage, I will update this post.

At a high level, you will need to modify the page, add two content editor web parts, and save.

Normal page displaying the Upload button and Drag files here to upload text.

Start by editing the page.  Top right of the screen, click the gear icon, then select Edit Page.  Once in edit make, add two Content Editor web parts to the page.

Place your cursor in the top web part, select Edit Source in the Format Text ribbon window.

In the Source window, enter the following text: link to script

Update the second web part inserting the following text: link to script

Once the web parts have been updated, click on Stop Editing.

All done.

You can also upload the attached web parts to your page:  zip file of web parts