Are SharePoint Workflows Case Sensitive

Yes, SharePoint workflows are case sensitive!

Recently ran into a BIG issue that caused thousands of emails to be sent, because of this question.

I needed to relink a few hundred InfoPath forms, the library had an associated workflow… So, I opened SharePoint Designer, added a new step to the workflow, and published my changes.

workflow step:
Condition: If Modified By equals domain\Ihayse
Action: Stop the workflow

Why do this?
When you relink the forms in a library, the worklow will be fired.

After receiving emails and IM’s from some happy campers, I knew my workflow was wrong.

My workflow step should have read:
Condition: If Modified By equals domain\ihayse
Action: Stop the workflow

My domain name is my first initial then my last name, all in lowercase.

Unable to load workflow actions from the server

Roll into work and a coworker alerts me to the fact that our SharePoint 2010 workflows are not flowing.  When I tried to open any workflow, I was receiving this error:
Unable to load workflow actions from the server….

unable to load workflow actions from the server

I cracked open Fiddler, opened SharePoint Designer, then tried to open a workflow.

On the left side of Fiddler, you will see a bunch of actions, look for one line that turns red and click on it.  In the right window, you should see the error.

soap:ServerException of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.Failed to find the XML file at location ‘14\Template\Features\MissingFeature\feature.xml‘0x80131600……..

So I opened one of my WFE servers and navigated to the folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MissingFeature

Sure enough, the feature folder in question was missing. To get the missing feature folder, I opened my app server and copied over the missing folder to my WFE servers. No iisreset needed.

CopyTo in Visual Studio

I’m a little rusty on writing code and this is something that I spent way too much time messing with.

Dim destURL As String = “http://sitename/OtherLibrary/”
workflowProperties.Item.CopyTo(destURL & workflowProperties.Item.Name)

It’s not as simple as saying copy from/to. The CopyTo wants a URL, file name, and file extension.

If you receive this error:

Cannot create an item at the requested destination.  Verify that the folder exists and that you have permission to edit in it.

Start by checking your syntax.

Unable to open workflow in Designer 2007

Recently tried a STSADM export / import to move a site to a new collection.  After the STSADM import I tried to open a workflow using SharePoint Designer and received the following error.

The server could not complete your request. Contact your internet service provider or Web server administrator to make sure that the server has the Frontpage Server Extensions or SharePoint Services installed.

The fix was to recycle or restart the SharePoint server.