Cleaning up a drop off library mess

You installed SharePoint, then your power users enabled the content organizer feature all over your farm. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if it’s not being used, turn it off! Less load on the farm, the better off you will be.

You will find plenty of examples on the web about cleaning up this mess, but I took a slightly different approach. Before disabling the feature and deleting the library, I first checked to make sure the library was empty and no content org rules had been created.

Start-SPAssignment -Global

$web = Get-SPWeb ""
$feature = Get-SPFeature "7ad5272a-2694-4349-953e-ea5ef290e97c" 

   if ($web.Features[$feature.ID]) 
            $corList = $web.lists["Content Organizer Rules"]
            $dolList = $web.lists["Drop Off Library"]
            #check for Cont Org Rules and items in Drop Off Library
            if(($corList.ItemCount -eq 0) -and ($dolList.ItemCount -eq 0))
                  #disable the feature
                  Disable-SPFeature -Identity "7ad5272a-2694-4349-953e-ea5ef290e97c" -Url $_.URL -Confirm:$false
                  #remove the Drop Off Library
                  $dolList.AllowDeletion = $true

Stop-SPAssignment -Global

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