Officialfile.asmx SharePoint 2013 and 2016

As part of a SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 migration I needed to test the Officialfile.asmx service. When testing the service I encountered this error:

string sFilePath = @"c\taco.txt";
byte[] fileContent = File.ReadAllBytes(sFilePath );

List<My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty> props = new List<My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty>();

//populate the properties for the document
props.Add(new My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty { Name = "Title", Type = "Text", Value = "Taco" });

result = repo.SubmitFile(fileContent, props.ToArray(), null, sFilePath , "domain\\userName");

Adding my account or the account that is submitting files to this group resolved the issue.
Records Center Web Service Submitters

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