Officialfile.asmx SharePoint 2013 and 2016

As part of a SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 migration I needed to test the Officialfile.asmx service. When testing the service I encountered this error:

string sFilePath = @"c\taco.txt";
byte[] fileContent = File.ReadAllBytes(sFilePath );

List<My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty> props = new List<My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty>();

//populate the properties for the document
props.Add(new My_Web_Ref.RecordsRepositoryProperty { Name = "Title", Type = "Text", Value = "Taco" });

result = repo.SubmitFile(fileContent, props.ToArray(), null, sFilePath , "domain\\userName");

Adding my account or the account that is submitting files to this group resolved the issue.
Records Center Web Service Submitters

SharePoint OfficialFile.asmx NotFound

When using the SubmitFile method of the OfficialFile.asmx service, I was returned this value: NotFound


Simple fix was to add my account to the Records Center Web Service Submitters group on the site.

Healthy return message from the service:

Good example on how to upload load files to the Drop Off Library using OfficialFile.asmx service.

The post outlines setting up routing rules and submitting files.

More info on the web service can be found here:[MS-OFFICIALFILE].pdf

Value                                                   Meaning
Success                                                    The operation is successful.
MoreInformation                                  The operation is successful but further action is needed.
InvalidRouterConfiguration               The operation failed because the repository was not configured for routing.
InvalidArgument                                   The operation failed because of an invalid argument.
InvalidUser                                             The operation failed because of an invalid user.
NotFound                                                The operation failed because the user was not authorized to submit files.
FileRejected                                            The operation failed because of a rejected file.
UnknownError                                       The operation failed because of an unknown error.